How to sell your gun

Selling your gun

could not be simpler. Just click on the ‘Quote me a Price’ link and complete the form as fully as possible. Make sure you attach at least 4 in focus photos of your gun as the clearer idea we have of the condition of your gun the better the offer you receive is likely to be. Enter an accurate description of your guns age and condition, serial number, make and model and what comes with your gun eg. chokes, spare barrels, ammunition, gun case, sound moderator, telescopic sights etc.

Once we have full details of your gun

we will contact you within 48 hours at most to ask any further questions we may have about your gun and subject to our terms and conditions we will make you an offer based on the photos and description provided by you.

When you accept our offer we will arrange to have your gun collected from your home address by our courier (Parcelforce). It should be packed according 

to the instructions which we will send you and the parcel should include a copy of your shotgun or firearms certificate if appropriate and your banking details for payment.

On receipt of your gun we will check that it is in the condition as described and agreed with you and we will make a same day bank transfer to your nominated bank account. We will email you a receipt to confirm the transaction. Job done!


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